I've been a busy little bee up here in Northern CA working on transitioning a property from thirsty lawns over to hardscape an drip irrigation, adequate drainage, reclaiming redwood, bringing electric lines up to code, and anything else you could imagine.  But most of all, I've been sitting on my hands waiting to release this itty bitty EP I recorded back in Somerville the day before I left!

The EP is FREE! Or pay what you want, if you feel so inclined, and is available for download on Bandcamp!



And in case you hadn't yet heard,...

Chris, Otto and I decided some months ago to use our powers for good and join forces for the foreseeable future to bring you delicious brews of our individual melodic flavors combined for years to come! (Read: we are band.)

We are H O N E Y F O O T. <3



To request our services, simply project a honey-glazed foot of really any mammal onto the Pru and await our plunky response. 
(May no real feet be harmed in this exercise)

or just email us at booking@honeyfootmusic.com, I mean, whichever.