Wondering how you can get access to even more of Gillian's music while supporting future artistic endeavors?

Specifically, wouldn’t you like to be the first to hear Gillian’s debut, full-length studio album?

Some of her patrons already have already previewed one track…

Wondering what that even means? We'll get into that further below, but it's useful to know that becoming a patron is one of the most effective ways you can help Gillian make more of the music you love. Other [mainly free] ways include:


Follow Gillian on Spotify

(and add a song or two to your favorite playlist)

Host a house concert

Suggest venues and cities to tour through

Suggest awesome local bands to share a gig with

Straight up toss Gillian (@gilliang) a tip via venmo. That’s bananas.

Purchase an album

Attend and/or promote a show

Hire Gillian for a private performance

**Suggest her music and shows to a friend you think will dig it**

Follow Gillian on social media

Post pictures and share stories of your own

favorite moments with Gillian or her art!


What exactly is a patron? According to the Oxford Pocket Dictionary (aka Google search results), a patron is:


a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity.

synonyms: sponsor, backer, financier, benefactor, benefactress, contributor, subscriber, donor;

philanthropist, promoter, friend, supporter;

informal angel


Wow. Those are all very special people, and they encompass many types of patrons. As mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to support your favorite musicians, some of which require financial contribution and some of which do not.


how do you give thanks

for the music you love?

The platinum age of records sales is past, now, for most musicians and is replaced with the free "radio" streams of Spotify, Pandora, and many more. Sales of merchandise such as T-shirts and tote bags remain a profitable enterprise for artists. Gillian is less inclined to add to the trash piles of the world with yet another thing you don't really need, however, and so only peddles her harmless musical wares.* Meanwhile, the industry continues to seek clever solutions to deliver income to artists for their gifts now so freely shared. Patreon is a wonderful new subscription platform that aims to do just that. It's a place for patrons to easily assign value to their favorite art and ensure that their favorite artists have the tools they need to keep creating.

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If that sounds like someone you might like to be, please consider becoming one of Gillian's patrons or even a patron of another artist you love even more. Your patronage of the arts is greatly appreciated and oh so noticed.



*For complete Life Cycle Analysis of Gillian's musical treats, shoot her an email! ;)